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Innovation Centers

From cities to small towns to suburban corridors, innovation spaces are transforming the landscape. Over the past 10 years, these spaces—such as research institutes, incubators, accelerators, innovation centers, co-working spaces, start-up spaces and more—have grown at a considerable pace across the world. Yet what easily gets missed is that these innovation spaces are physical manifestations of broader economic, cultural and demographic forces, elevating what matters in today’s economy.

At the same time, the ambition to remain cutting edge has
driven leaders of industry, and their architects, down the path of
creative experimentation in design. In doing so, the last decade
of design has embodied a shift away from ‘style’ and more toward
embracing core values aimed to help people flourish under new
economic and demographic conditions. At Imark we conceptualise, plan and design incubation and innovation centers and their complete operational plans.