Product Commercialization

Commercialization needs proper marketing. We consider production methods and volumes, the method of distribution channels to be used, marketing techniques to be implemented and review the sales and customer support requirements. A clearly thought out structured plan is required for launching a product. We analyze the offering, the product. We determine some strategic dimensions about how does the product align with the core business. Understanding how closely the product being launched aligns to the business core can determine some of the strategic directions required for the commercialization plan. Identifying the target market and customers is very important. A well structured business plan and forecast is essential for this. 

We help young companies to commercialize their products into the global market. We assist them in structuring and negotiation of commercialization partnerships, including licensing arrangements between technology companies, educational and research institutions, corporations and governmental agencies.

Commercialization is the last stage in the process. It means financial projections, and accounting/reporting systems are important before entering into the market. We consider 

  •  Completion of financial projections

  •  Proper funding in place

  • Finalization of business model

  •  Registered business structure

  • Completely developed management and staff resource planning

  • Completed commercialization plan

  • Completely prepared financial, accounting and reporting systems